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Cretan Adventures is the specialized company in the area of outdoor activities and alternative forms of tourism in Crete and Greece. Cretan Adventures organizes all kinds of activity holidays in Crete and Greece, that include all land services and facilities (accommodation, meals, transports etc), covering the most interesting and beautiful routes and areas of our home country. Our Activity Holidays have been formed in such a way to cover everybody's interest for the nature, history and landscape of Crete and Greece:

  • Hiking and Walking tours in Crete
  • Trekking tours in Crete
  • Hiking and Walking tours in Crete and Santorini
  • Canyoning tours in Crete
  • Caving tours in Crete
  • Children and Youth active holidays in Crete
  • Cycling tours in Crete
  • Family Active holidays in Crete
  • Horse Riding tours in Crete
  • Mountain Biking tours in Crete
  • River Trekking tours in Crete
  • Hiking and Trekking tours in Meteora in central Greece
  • Trekking tours in Epirus and Mt Olympus in northern Greece
  • Self Guided Hiking and Trekking Programs in whole Crete and Greece
  • Tailor-made Activity Holidays in Crete and Greece. Our Tailor-made trips are designed specially for your own company or family. You choose the dates, interests, activities and areas in Crete or Greece and we take care of all the details. Alternatively let us draw on over our experience and arrange for you an exciting, private tour for an unforgettable adventure, a Cretan Adventure!!!

Selections from our Activity Holidays in Crete and Greece

hiking walking creteHiking and Trekking in Crete is the ideal way, to explore the heart of this fascinating island, by walking either on coastal paths, walking through imposing gorges such as Samaria Gorge or ascending the highest peaks. Did you know that Crete has 65 summits over 2000 meters?

trekking creteCorporate Events
Fun games and activities will provide the participants with a fulfilling and renovating event. Team and competitive recreational programs that can be done almost everywhere!

activity family holidays in creteMulti - Activity Family Holidays in Crete
A different adventure everyday in Crete: River trek, Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking, Archaeology and Natural History, Hiking, Rock Climbing and Archery.

hiking santorini crete8 days Sea Kayaking in South-West Crete. The best alternative way to discover Crete is by paddling on a sea kayak. Places nearly inaccessible via land, remote villages, ruins and antiquities will leave an unforgettable experience!

Hiking in East Crete and The Island of SpinalongaWalking in East Crete and explore the Island of Spinalonga!
Discover the real Crete, walk on its renowned landmarks and visit the famous Island of Spinalonga, the Greece's former leper colony from 1905 since 1957!

trekking Mt OlympusTrekking Mt Olympus in northern Greece
With 2917m high, Mount Olympus is not just the highest mountain in Greece, but also the legendary home of the ancient Greek gods.

cycling in creteBird watching in Crete
The variety of the birds in Crete is incredible! It includes plenty resident bird species (i.e. Griffon Vulture, Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle, etc) and also the migrants that stop over Crete island during their migration to/from Africa and Europe.

sailing tours in creteSailing in Crete
For those that the ideal pack of vacation includes the combination of sea-action-autonomy, sailing is definitely the absolute suggestion.

jeep safari in creteRock Climbing in Crete
Our experience and enthusiasm for rock climbing gave some spectacular bolt - protected climbing routes on the cliffs of some of the most beautiful beaches of Crete.

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