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 Crete - Flora & FaunA

Crete’s geographical position, climate and variety of altitude and terrain, have blessed this island with a wonderful diversity of flowers and plants.

The island is rich with chestnut, oak, cypress, palm, cedar trees and unnumbered olive trees (olive oil is the main product of the land). There are also more than 140 different kinds of plants and wild herbs that are endemic which means that do not exist in any other place. The Cretan flora is especially rich in herbal and pharmaceutical plants like oregano, thyme and labdanum. There are also an amazing variety of flowers in Crete, like tulips, cyclamen, orchids, etc. Due to the climate and the land terrain the blossoming period lasts for more than 6 months (March to September).

On mountain Gingilos and in Samaria’s National park, lives the wild goat (kri-kri) and on Psiloritis the Cretan wildcat (Cretan Sylvestris Cretensis), as well as many sheep, goats and rabbits.

In the sky you may see the huge and beautiful Lammergeyer or Bearded Vulture, Griffon Vulture and several other species of eagle.
Finally, the sea life is fairly varied, and certain beaches in the south of the island offer protection to the caretta-caretta (sea turtle) during its reproduction period.

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