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 Crete, brief history

The island of Crete is the cradle of European civilization, a geographical location where climatic and morphologic features maintain a delicate balance and the birthplace of different yet harmonious civilizations. Between 2800BC and 1400BC, the Minoan civilization (the first European) built magnificent palaces at Knossos, Phaistos, Zakros, Malia, and Archanes. After a natural disaster that destroyed the Minoans, the Achaeans and Dorians dominated the island. Classical Greek civilization flourished in the years that followed. In 67BC Crete was conquered by Rome. Gortyn was the town that became the capital of the Roman province of Crete and it was one of the first towns to welcome the Christian religion.

During the Byzantine period Crete became an important center for Christianity. From 824AD to 961AD, Saracens seized the island and from 1204 Crete was taken over by the Venetians until 1669 when it fell to the Ottoman Turks after a 22-year siege. Crete regained its autonomy in 1897 and was united with Greece in 1913. Its troubles were not over as it suffered under Nazi seizure in World War II.


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