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παραδοσιακη διατροφηLet us guide you around the healthier “cuisine” in the world and teach you the traditional method of producing virgin oil from olives of local olive trees as well as making bread, producing wine, cooking traditional dishes, milking and haircut of the sheep and explain you reasons that can make you change your daily food habits.

In the mountainous villages of Crete, people ignore intentionally modern’s life rhythms… as they grow up they learn how to mill the wheat in order to make bread and how to cultivate their harvest.

The residents also take advantage of the wild, comestible plants, herbs and vegetables like the artichokes, oregano, fennel, camomile, etc. The base of the Mediterranean diet comes from the rural regions of Crete and with the olive oil as a base, it accomplished to become popular! However, Cretan diet is not simply an accidental diet, is a way of life. In small groups we will meet experienced and devotional people of culture, nature and Cretan cuisine.

The maintenance of such deliveries is important for the protection of alimentary sources but also for the environment itself. In order for us to take part on the solution of this danger, we can choose to learn from the professionals and to help them cook in order to feel that we are continuers of Cretan delivery.

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