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Custom Walking and  Trekking tours in Crete

Our Custom Walking and  Trekking tours are the ideal way to explore the heart of Crete, by walking on coastal paths, ascending the highest peaks and crossing spectacular gorges. Each season gives magnificent colours and interests. We guide you off the beaten paths, in Crete 's rich flora and fauna and on mountainous villages to meet the "authentic" Cretans and our traditions.

Our Tailor made trips are designed specially for your own company or family. You choose the dates, interests, activities and areas in Crete or Greece and we take care of all the details. Alternatively let us draw on over our experience and arrange for you an exciting, private tour for an unforgettable adventure, a Cretan Adventure!!! Contact us for a tailor-made Crete hiking or trekking tour

Crete coastal walk

Ascending Crete 's highest Summits

As mountaineers, we know many of the well-hidden secrets of the mountains (paths, springs etc). Either on the E4 path that crosses all Crete through the mountains or by hiking on ancient trails, we reach the summits of the White Mountains , Mt. Psiloritis and Dikti. 65 Summits over 2000m are waiting us in Crete.

Trekking Beyond Crete

The mountain of the Gods, Mountain Olympus, the highest summit in Greece as well as the impressive summits Astraka and Gamila in Pindos mountain range; Mountain Taygetos in Peloponnese and the lower tops of the Greek islands are also part of our passion as the beauty and accomplishment of these ascents make our efforts worthwhile.

Walking through Crete gorges

Together we walk through imposing gorges that split the mountains and create spectacular botanic gardens, places with plants and animals that do not exist anywhere else on the planet.

Samaria gorge (the longest in Europe), Agia Irini gorge, Sellinou gorge, Aradaina gorge, Imbros gorge, Kalikratis gorge, Myli gorge, Rouvas gorge, Agiofarago gorge, Sarakina gorge, Pefkos gorge, Hochlakies gorge, the gorge of the Dead, are some of Crete's numerous gorges that a nature lover may walk with Cretan Adventures.

Beyond Crete

Vikos gorge in Zagori and Enipeas gorge in Olympus national park offer spectacular scenery and peaceful walks.

Crete mountains walk

Contact us for a tailor-made Crete hiking or trekking tour

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