Team Building Activities in Crete
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Team Building Activities

When people work together in a mutual way the effect is synergistic; productivity, innovation and quality as well as employee satisfaction are all improved manifold. The idea of the programs is to provide the participants with fulfilling and renovating events while highlighting the group dynamics and the communication of messages concerning team work, active hearing, etc.

The programs are based on fun games and activities both competitive (in a form of relays) and non-competitive and include the following: Treasure Hunt, Mini Olympics, Energy Park and Orienteering

Team Building Activities στην ΚρήτηTreasure Hunt

The Τreasure Ηunt is a team and competitive recreational program which can be done in the countryside, on a plateau, on a beach or even in the narrow small streets of a city! Concrete names (as names of ancient Greeks, alphabetical, etc…) are given to the teams and each one is informed and guided to the starting line.

The activity begins by undertaking a participating map of the treasure’s region and a questionnaire. The questions can be reported to the Greek ancient history, Cretan history and culture, the architecture, as well as questions in relation with the work or the operation of the team, etc. In each map various stations (activities) are shown, which are obligatory and various discovery spots that are optional. Each station or discovery spot correspond to a certain answer, points or directions.

The participants take part in various activities and receive certain clues that will help to locate the treasure. Participants should plan, decide the faster way and visit certain places/points. Each place gives also the answer to the questions so that the greatest number of points is achieved. The maximum length of the activity varies depending on the requirements of each case.

The winner is selected only among the teams that reach the finish line on specific timeframe and/or it has found the treasure! The personnel of Cretan Adventures will be in particular points so that they provide assistance wherever is needed…

Τreasure Ηunt - The Outcome

The Treasure Hunt, in its entirety gives the opportunity to each one to work in teams, to manage projects, to plan on a correct and suitable way, to represent their team, to undertake responsibilities, etc.

On that way each one could participate completely in the process, reply to specific questions, walk, visit and “live” in the history and the culture of Crete and Greece as well as to participate in common games and physical activities during the program.

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Mini Olympics

Team Building Activities στην Κρήτη“Become” a Gold Medalist and give to your team the satisfaction of the winning, against your friends’ one!

Cretan Adventures can organize for you unique Games so you can escape from the usual Olympic sports! A multi-activity camp for children and adults that want to fell children again, which can “be set up” indoors or outdoors such as beaches, hotel premises or restaurants, etc. Participants will take part on a daily program divided into groups.

The Mini Olympics process

Each team tries to collect the greatest possible number of points participating in outdoor and different activities. Each one of the team participates in each activity contributing on such way to the final score. The teams should show collaborative spirit and plan their moves so as to overcome any difficulty they will find in their way to the victory. They should move bulky objects, collect floating goods, cover distances on man-powered boats, construct various puzzles in the water, etc.

All teams of the 8-10 persons each, can be involved to the Games simultaneously!

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Energy ParkEnergy Park

A park that combines our adventure activities, all-in-one! The concept for implementing this event is based on fun team working and team competition (for large groups).

The whole set up of the event will provide all the happenings necessary for keeping the spirits up and guaranty that all participants get involved and motivated! It is advised to be combined with Mini Olympics, Treasure Hunt or Orienteering events!

The non-usual outdoor activities such as climbing, flying fox (zip line), rappelling, bungee trampoline, etc. give to the participants the chance to overcome their own self and in case of the energy park is a part of another Team Building Activity, to get more points for their team!

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Team Building Activities στην Κρήτη

Orienteering is the process which should be followed so that somebody can go from a place to another by using a compass and a topographic map. The map shows the region that we are located or the one that we want to go. The compass, keeps us directed in order to follow the correct direction.

Cretan Adventures can organize for you, your business, your colleagues or your friends orientation games that in combination with attendance in outdoor activities will give to all participants the joy of collaboration and competitiveness at the same time, not with their “opponents” but with themselves and also with the time that …presses!!!

Orienteering outdoors is simple, yet requires focused concentration of the participant and/or all the members of a team. It allows you to chart your own course and arrive at your destination but it is quite likely that you know where you are going, but do not know what lies between you and your destination: natural or artificial obstacles, outdoor activities (i.e. archery, climbing, spider’s web, etc) or the wizard who will give you the next clue only if you reply correctly to their questions!!!

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