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Our special Crete Family Adventures have been designed for children - young explorers and adventurous parents that aim to come closer to the nature and history of Crete through various outdoor and entertaining activities.

The island of contrasts - Crete with its Minoan palaces, the Roman cities, the Venetian castles as well as the azure blue waters of Mediterranean Sea, the deep gorges, the coastal paths and the charming fishing villages, forms an ideal destination for family holidays that wish to combine outdoor activities with an educational adventure.

•  Trekking and River Trek
•  Rock Climbing, Canyoning
•  Cave exploring
•  Orienteering
•  Rope Games (rope-traverse, rappelling, flying fox)
•  Camping in lonely beaches or on mountain plateaus
•  Multiple team games, icebreakers
•  Horse Riding
•  Archery
•  Mountain Biking

Family Adventure Programs:

•  Family Activity Holidays in Crete

family adventures in Crete

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sea diving crete

rock climbing crete

rope games crete

mountain biking crete
team games children hiking in crete beach camping in crete mountain camping in crete

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