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Self Guided Island Hopping in the cyclades, GREECE (8 days)

Discover the most famous islands in the Cyclades, on your own!

hiking in west creteHike on two beautiful Cycladic islands, both with their unique characteristic. Andros for its lush vegetation and water springs and Tinos for its picturesque villages, windmills and dovecotes. Discover traditional villages, local craftsmen, paths and trails with breath taking views, Cycladic architecture, history, sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets…

Andros & Tinos - Islands Presentation
The Cyclades is a group of varying sizes islands scattered over the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Some of them are well known both to the public at large and the international jet set, while others remain little known and scarcely figure on the tourist scene. Taken as a whole, they make an ideal holiday destination for visitors of the most varied tastes. This was the birthplace of one of the Mediterranean’s most important civilizations, one that took its name from the islands: the Cycladic civilization (3000-1000 BC).
Tinos (195 sq. km.) is today exactly what Delos Island was to believers in ancient times. Twice a year, on March 25th and August 15th, pilgrims inundate the island. People made pilgrimages to Tinos in ancient times, too. When Poseidon freed the island from a scourge of snakes, the inhabitants built a temple to him. In fact, the name of the island seems to come from the Phoenician word  “Aanoth”, meaning snake.
Andros  (373 sq. km.) is the most northerly island of the Cyclades and the second largest after Naxos, it is less than one nautical mile distance from Tinos. Like the other islands of the Cyclades it is washed by the Aegean and cooled in the summer by the "meltemi" wind. The main advantage of this island is that it is extremely verdant and irrigated with plentiful running water. There are large numbers of olive trees, pines and fruit trees on the island.


8-day self-guided Island Hopping in the Cyclades - Itinerary

church in Lissos

Day 1: Arrival in Andros
Arrival in Andros and transfer to your hotel, located in “Chora”, the beautiful capital of Andros
Spend the rest of the day exploring the town of Andros. (Overnight in Andros)

Day 2: Circular Hike Chora Androu – Apikia – Stenies – Gialia – Chora Androu (2-3 hrs walk)
This is a beautiful hike, especially because of the marvellous trail between Chora and Apikia, one of the longest "kalderimia" (old paved small roads connecting the villages) of the island and because of the great location of the villages of Apikia and Stenies. The hike till the Sariza-well in Apikia takes a little over one hour. Continue to Pithara Waterfalls. It will only take you 10 minutes to walk there, so approximately an hour to go and return back to Apikia. From here you have 2 options: Either walk back to Chora or walk down to Gialia. It will take you an hour to walk to the beach of Gialia, by passing underneath Stenies. From there, it takes around 20 minutes to walk back to the beach of Nimborio in Chora. (Overnight in Andros)

Day 3: Circular Hike Chora – Lamira – Menites – Messaria – Chora (4-7 hrs walk)
This is one of the hikes on Andros you really have to do! On this hike you get a marvellous impression of the large valleys above Chora, with beautiful views on the town itself. It also brings you to one of the most watery spots on the island with the wonderful valley of Menites.
The actual hiking time is around 4 hours. Taking into account the pauses for rest or picnic, this hike can be turned into a full day of about 6-7 hours. You can also divide this hike into two by taking the bus from Messaria back to Chora. (Overnight in Andros)

Day 4: Circular Hike Chora Androu – Livadia - Moni Panahrantou –Messaria – Lamira –  Chora Androu (5-6 hrs walk)
On this hike you will walk on a beautiful trail and visit the 16th century Monastery. Start your hike from Chora and walk, via Livadia, to Moni Panachrantou. This will take you around 2 hours. The hike from the Monasteri to Messaria will take you around 3 hours. This means that altogether will be at around 5 hours of actual hiking time (breaks included) turning out to be a long hiking day. You can of course shorten this hike by taking the bus to Messaria and depart from there onwards. (Overnight in Andros)

Day 5: Andros Island – Tinos Island (Free Day)
Take the morning ferry to Tinos. Settle in your hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring the town of Tinos. Don’t forget to visit the church Of Virgin Mary in Chora. Tradition says that a nun, Pelagia, from the nearby convent of Kechrovouni had visions of Virgin Mary revealing to her the burial place of an icon. After intensive searching, an icon was indeed found, at the spot where the Church stands today. Today the icon is widely believed to be the source of numerous miracles and Tinos has become the centre of a yearly pilgrimage that takes place on the 15th of August. Many pilgrims make their way the 800 metres from the ferry wharf to the church on their hands and knees as sign of devotion.

dining at LoutroDay 6: Circular Hike Chora Tinou – Ktikados – Kionia – Chora Tinou (3 hrs walk)
Hike on a very well maintained paved road which starts from Tinos town. Walk to the Church of Kyra Xeni and then take the path towards Ktikados village. The hike to Ktikados takes around 1 ½ hours. After a short rest, walk down to Kionia where you can visit the temples of Poseidon and Amphitrite or spend the rest of the day by the beach. Walk back to Chora or if you are very tired take the bus back. (Overnight in Tinos)

Day 7: Chora – Ag. Triada – Triandaros – Arnados – Chora (4 hrs walk)
Start your hike from Chora Tinou and hike up to Ag. Triada. Continue to Triandaros village and Arnados. Close by is the Monastery Kechrovouniou, if you wish to stop for a visit. From there walk back to town or take the bus to Chora. (Overnight in Tinos)

Day 8: Departure from Tinos
We transfer you to Tinos Port at a convenient time.


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